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Chemicals & Accessories

On our partner site you can purchase a wide range of spa and hot tubs extras, including chemicals, maintenance products, equipment and accessories. We have a large range of stock available to buy, from well known worldwide brands. Our product list is being updated regularly, so be sure that you’ll be getting the latest and best products on the market for your hot tub or sauna.

Along with spa and hot tub products, stuff4pools also stocks an extensive selection of products for swimming pools.

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Spa & Hot Tub Chemicals

Products include hot tub sanitisers to keep your spa water bacteria free and water treatments to help you with your water problems; including cloudy hot tub water, foamy hot tub water and scale build up problems.

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Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance

Products include covers, heaters, repair kits, floating dispensers and an extensive range of cleaning accessories including vacuums, vacuum hoses, automatic pool cleaners, submersible pumps filters.

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Spa & Hot Tub Equipment

Products include spa cleaning mitts to help remove grease and product build up along the hot tub waterline. We also supply small floating dispensers, spa scum sponges, spa nets, and spa cleaning kits.

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